Drinking At The Best Bars In Porto

Drinking best bars Porto cheap local drink specials

Over the next few minutes we will be taking a deep dive into drinking at the best bars in Porto. From a tall glass of beer and a shot of vodka to local drink specials and singing karaoke we are going to try and cover it all.

The best wine and cocktail bars near you will get the ball rolling. Once they have been discussed in full breweries and sports bars to watch the big game or maybe play some pool and throw some darts will get a shout out.

Those who want to get the party started right after work or just buy some cheaper drinks will learn about the best drink specials in your area next. After they are out of the way we will move on to bars with trivia, quiz, and/or game nights around town.

Bars for dancing, karaoke, and to listen to live music will wrap this all up. Be sure to check out our Porto bar map that has every place we mention throughout the post pinned on it.

And you are all welcome to compare the scene here to other cities around the region at this link  if you want.

Cocktail & Wine Bars

Many would agree that the best Porto cocktail and wine bars are:

You can sample various beers, whiskeys, cocktails, and fine wines in your area at Bonaparte Downtown as well as enjoy traditional Irish pub fare along with 1980’s music and large television screens. Zenith serves brunch all day along with coffees, juices, and cocktails and even features vegan and gluten free cuisines.

Wine Quay Bar has a wide selection of wines near you and provides a variety of tapas including Galician octopus, shrimp cream, mussels, cheeses, sausages, and high quality preserves. Over 450 different wines from all around Portugal can be found at The Wine Box.

Porto Breweries & Sports Bars

You and your buddies will have a great time watching the big game at these local sports bars and breweries:

Appetizers, hearty main courses, and local craft brews are served at Fábrica Nortada. Adega is a great sports bar in your area that offers a fine selection of Portuguese and international beers and features billiard tables as well as 14 large television screens.

Local Drink Specials

Sports bar trivia near you Porto live music karaoke

There are plenty of good bars with drink specials in your area and you can get great value if you time your visit properly:

Aduela is a cozy bar with an olive tree on the terrace and serves light meals plus they have good alcoholic drink specials that can save you money.

Trivia, Quiz & Game Nights

If you know of any fun bars in Porto with trivia, quiz, or game nights please tell us in the comments, thanks.

Dance, Karaoke, & Live Music

Dance, listen to live music, or sing karaoke at these fun bars around town:

Rua is a bustling tapas restaurant offering vegetarian meals along with live bar music near you.

By the way we have also covered the top:

Have Fun Drinking At The Best Bars In Porto

There are plenty of local wine and cocktail bars, breweries to watch sports at, places with good drink specials to save money, trivia, quiz, and game nights, as well as bars to listen to live music, dance, and sing karaoke near you. Hopefully we were able to fill you in on some valuable info that will make your next night out a little better.

Please use the comments to let us know if any spots have closed down or if any new cool places have opened up in your area so that we can keep our lists fresh. Now go have fun drinking at the best bars in Porto.

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