Drinking At The Best Bars In Miami

Drinking best bars Miami cheap local drink specials

Drinking at the best bars in Miami is going to be covered in full detail as this post goes along. Some may be searching for a tall glass of beer, a shot of vodka, to save money on liquor during local drink special times, or maybe to sing karaoke and either way you should have a much better understanding of the scene soon.

We will kick this baby off with the best wine and cocktail bars in Miami. Breweries and sports bars where you can watch the big game or maybe play some pool or throw some darts will get our second section.

The best drink specials at bars near you with cheaper alcohol will come next before we pivot to bars with trivia, quiz, and/or game nights in your area. Bars for dancing, karaoke, and to listen to live music will garner our final section.

Expect to find a local bar map with all these spots pinned on it so you can have a better feel for what venues are closest to your current area at the moment. This region is one that we have written about many times in the past and you can find all of our blogs on it by clicking here.

Cocktail & Wine Bars

The best cocktail and wine bars in Miami might just be:

Barsecco is a chic restaurant and bar in your area serving traditional and unique cocktails made with fresh ingredients as well as beers, international spirits, wines, and champagnes.

More than 150 wines and beers and grilled American food are offered along with live nightly music at Lagniappe.

Margot Natural Wine Bar features a natural wine list, low ABV drinks, and a seasonal rotation of unique light bites along with mixed soundtracks playing.

The Sylvester serves cutting edge cocktails and plays culturally influenced tunes.

Happy Wine Calle Ocho is a wine bar in Miami providing a complete cuisine and tapas plus they offer one of the largest wine collections and live entertainment.

You might want to try Vinos on Las Olas’ quality wines, delectable cheese platters, and small nibbles.

Preston’s Wine and Martini Lounge in Ft Lauderdale is a pleasant and energetic spot for cocktails, food, and live music.

Social Room features a gorgeous outdoor terrace, giant Jenga, live entertainment, signature cocktails, delectable bar nibbles, wines, beers, and an extensive assortment of spirits in Hollywood.

Miami Breweries & Sports Bars

Sports bar trivia near you Miami live music karaoke

Watch the big game with your friends and sample new flavors of beers at the best breweries and sports bars in your area:

More than 70 TV’s can be found at Grails which is a great sports bar near you that serves creative food, local beers, and handcrafted drinks.

Mike’s At Venetia is a sports bar and restaurant with 20 TV’s that is known to be a great spot to watch the game lunch, dinner, cocktails, and beer.

Over 30 4k TV’s showcasing all sporting events can be found at Black Market where they also offer drink specials, game day discounts, seasonal drink selections, and delicious comfort food.

Your local 305 Sports Bar has lots of TV’s with athletic events as well as a fine selection of beer and food.

You can catch all of the best games on 15 foot LED screens, 20 foot projection, and 60 TV’s at Bottled Blonde where they also host one of a kind presentations, high profile acts, and superb performances.

J Wakefield Brewing’s tap area has 15 high quality beer taps and 2 TV’s.

There are televisions on every wall for families and sports lovers of all ages at Bokamper’s Sports Bar in Ft Lauderdale.

You can choose from over 12 rotating beers including 4 signature brands at Unbranded Brewing Co in Hialeah.

The Tipsy Boar serves amazing world class food along with craft beer and handcrafted cocktails in Hollywood.

Local Drink Specials

Save some money buying cheaper alcohol at these bars with drink specials near you:

Francisca Charcoal Chicken & Meats has a bar with daily drink specials from 4pm till closing time.

Some of the best drink specials in Miami are available from 3:30pm to 7pm Monday through Thursday and until 6:30pm on Friday at Le Chick.

Beaker and Gray is a good place to drink cheaper alcohol from 5pm to 7pm Wednesday through Sunday.

You will find good happy hours from 5pm to 8pm at Semilia.

You can get half priced liquors, beers, and wines as well as specialty cocktails for 10 dollars and delicious bites for only 6 dollars from 4pm to 8pm at American Social.

In addition to serving drinks, draft beers, sandwiches, and finger snacks Lost Boy also offers local drink specials from 4pm to 7pm on weekdays.

Crazy About You sells cheaper drinks in your area from 4pm to 7pm daily.

Tekila Bar Club is known for offering drink specials in Hollywood every day until 9pm along with house music and Latin sounds that will get you groovin’.

Bokamper’s is a large sports bar in Miramar with pub cuisine providing a wide range of drinks and half priced beverages seven days a week starting at 10pm.

Alcoholic drink discounts in Coral Gable are available between 3pm and 6pm at Bulla Gastrobar where they also serve a variety of delectable Spanish cuisine.

Trivia, Quiz, & Game Nights

There are plenty of bars with local trivia, quiz, and game nights:

Gramps hosts trivia night every Tuesday starting at 9pm.

The Taurus in Coconut Grove has one of the largest beer and whiskey collections in town as well as one of Miami’s most fun bar trivia nights every Tuesday at 9pm.

Se7aS Bar holds local trivia night with cash prizes every Monday at 7pm plus they do karaoke as well.

Vintage arcade games, pinball, weekend DJ’s, trivia Tuesdays, and more cool events are hosted at Glitch Bar Relaxed.

A wide range of craft beers, wines, and spirits are featured at Slackers Bar in Ft Lauderdale who also hosts trivia nights.

The Bend is a refurbished 1970’s liquor lounge specializing in weekly DJ lineups, karaoke, and trivia in Hialeah.

Don’t forget that earlier we mentioned how Social Room also has giant Jenga.

Dance, Karaoke, & Live Music

These bars are great for dancing, live music, and karaoke:

Many people sing, dance, laugh, and drink at Sweet Caroline which is an American style karaoke bar near you.

A variety of live music performances are hosted on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights at Jada Coles starting at 10pm.

Live local music and DJ’s are hosted seven days a week at Ball and Chain.

Blackbird Ordinary is a high volume cocktail bar with a dance floor and two rooms that features DJ’s and live music.

Delicious food, exquisite cocktails, drink specials, and live music in Miami are all featured at Bar Nancy.

Hub is a bustling nightlife spot with three different rooms that accommodate DJ’s on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and they also host other creative events on occasion.

More fun bars for music lovers in your area from our other lists include Lagniappe, Social Room, Se7aS Bar, The Bend, Preston’s Wine & Martini Lounge, Tekila Bar Club, Bar Relaxed, and Bottled Blonde.

We also have written posts on how to find the best:

Have Fun Drinking At The Best Bars In Miami

Now that you have read all of that you should have a much better understanding of what is available in your area. There are plenty of local wine and cocktail bars, breweries to watch sports at, places with good drink specials to save money, trivia, quiz, and game nights, as well as bars to listen to live music, dance, and sing karaoke near you.

If you notice us listing any venues that are no longer open or just think we got something wrong please tell us in the comments so this page stays as up to date as possible. Now go have fun drinking at the best bars in Miami.

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