Drinking At The Best Bars In Providence

Drinking best bars Providence cheap local drink specials

In this post we will be breaking down drinking at the best bars in Providence in full detail. Whether you are looking for a tall glass of beer, a shot of vodka, to buy cheaper liquor during drink specials, or just to sing some karaoke hopefully we can assist.

Our first section will cover the best wine and cocktail bars in Providence. Up next we will get into breweries and sports bars where you can watch the big game or maybe play some pool and throw some darts.

Then we will mention some of the best drink specials near you so you can hit up the right bars at the right times to do your drinking cheaper. After that we will discuss bars with trivia, quiz, and/or game nights in your area.

Lastly we will talk about bars for dancing, karaoke, and to listen to live music. Towards the end there will even be a local bar map that pins all of the spots from our various lists on it.

And if you want to compare the scene here to others around the Northeast you can do so at that link.

Cocktail & Wine Bars

Some of the top cocktail and wine bars in Providence are:

The Eddy is a chic dimly lit cocktail bar that serves traditional and inventive cocktails in your area as well as interesting nibbles.

The Avery is a speakeasy-style bar in a dark and comfortable atmosphere that serves handmade cocktails and a vast variety of beers.

Courtland is a social club, a cocktail bar, and a performance venue where they host live DJ sets with some of the best local talent performing a varied mix of tracks from various eras, genres, and locations plus they have live jazz every Sunday night.

Fortnight Wine Bar is a fashionable location in industrial-chic surroundings serving small-batch beers, natural wines, and small meals.

Marcelino’s is a buzzing hotspot that specializes in inventive local cocktails, shared meals, beer, and wine.

Tiny Bar is an upmarket artisan cocktail bar with a wide range of cocktails.

Providence Breweries & Sports Bars

 Sports bar trivia near you Providence live music karaoke

Sample new suds and watch the big game with your friends at the best local breweries and sports bars:

Long Live Beerworks is one of the best breweries near you and serves a wide range of beers they produced with new brews released every couple of weeks.

Union Station offers enhanced pub grub, a rotating variety of their own award-winning beers, great craft brews, live music on weekends, patio eating, and 70-inch big-screen TV’s for all sporting events while maintaining the warmth and charm of a neighborhood establishment.

Trinity Brewhouse opened in late 1994 and serves high-quality handmade beers along with a tasty food menu.

Moniker Brewery creates and serves a wide range of superb craft beer and gluten-free beer in your area.

Narragansett Brewery was founded in 1890 and produces hundreds of thousands of barrels.

Sports Tap is open from 6am to 1am every day and it serves beer, cocktails, and wines as well as offers karaoke and a pool table.

Ladder 133 is a great Providence sports bar that is open from 3pm to 10pm Monday through Friday but opens at 12pm every Saturday and Sunday and has a large number of TV’s for viewing local or international news as well as all sporting events plus you will find DJ’s, dancing, quiz nights, cuisine, and beer.

Snookers Sports Billiards Bar has 60 HD TV’s that are constantly displaying sports from around the world as well as a sound system that makes viewing and rooting for your favorite team feel like an in-stadium event.

Providence GPub is another great local sports bar that has over 17 wide-screen TV’s, a large bar, and numerous comfy tables and banquettes making it the ideal location for sports fans to linger on game day. There’s even a gaming room with pool tables, air hockey, and classic arcade games.

Local Drink Specials

Visit these bars with drink specials near you to buy cheaper alcohol and your wallet will thank you:

Rogue Island is a quaint and rustic-chic bar serving seasonal innovative American dishes, a wide selection of local craft beers, and weekend brunch with daily drink specials.

Federal Taphouse is open from 4pm to 1am on weekdays but opens at 10am every Saturday and Sunday and this chic steakhouse serves aged prime beef cuts with all-inclusive sides and a big wine selection as well as some of the best daily alcholic drink specials near you from 3pm to 6pm.

Trivia, Quiz & Game Nights

Here is a good list of bars with trivia, quiz, and game nights in your area:

McBride’s Pub is a family-owned Irish-inspired establishment that serves burgers and other bar staples along with outdoor seating and a fun local bar trivia night at 9pm every Wednesday plus they have live music on Tuesdays from 7pm to 10pm.

Malted Barley is open from 12pm to 11pm Sunday through Thursday but closes at 1am every Friday and Saturday and it serves rotating craft beers and delicious soft pretzels in addition to offering a trivia night from 7pm to 9pm every Monday.

The Hot Club is open from 12pm to 1am Sunday through Thursday but closes at 2am every Friday and Saturday and it features a limited restaurant, an outdoor bar, and a riverside terrace. You can visit them for trivia every Tuesday, karaoke on Mondays, industry night on Wednesdays, and DJ’s on weekends.

Muldowney’s Pub is a neighborhood favorite with draft beer, a jukebox, and a pool table as well as pub quiz nights and live music.

Free Play Bar is a cool hangout that serves beer on tap and pizza where you can also play free classic arcade games.

There are plenty of other fun bars with games in Providence that we have linked you to in other sections including Sports Tap, Ladder 133, Providence GPub, Nick-A-Nees, The 133 Club, Patrick’s Pub.

Dance, Karaoke & Live Music

Anyone that wants to dance, listen to live music, and sing karaoke can head to:

Boombox has a karaoke lounge in your area as well as beer, wine, and sake drinks in stylish digs with private rooms.

Dusk is open from 7pm to 1am Sunday through Thursday but closes at 2am every Friday and Saturday and it is a busy nightclub that features live music and dancing, a full bar, and local comfort cuisine dishes.

The Parlour features live rock and roots music as well as flatbreads and sliders in a simple setting with a rustic and wooden bar.

Nick-A-Nees offers free live music, a jukebox, and a pool table in a traditional dog-friendly tavern with a patio.

The 133 Club is open from 11:30am to 1am every day and it is a relaxed neighborhood tavern that serves pub fare, pool tables, and live local music from Thursday through Sunday night.

Patrick’s Pub is a lively pub that serves bangers and mash and other Irish-American fares plus you can listen to live music every Thursday at 8pm. It also has other live events, darts, and trivia nights and it is open from 4pm to 1am Sunday through Thursday but closes at 2am every Friday and Saturday.

Other bars for music lovers near you that we have mentioned in other lists include Courtland Club, Union Station, Ladder 133, and The Hot Club while even Sports Tap has karaoke.

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Have Fun Drinking At The Best Bars In Providence

After reading all of that you should have a much better understanding of what is available near you. There are plenty of local wine and cocktail bars, breweries to watch sports at, places with good drink specials to save money, trivia, quiz, and game nights, as well as bars to listen to live music, dance, and sing karaoke in your area.

If you think we got anything incorrect or notice us listing any venues that are no longer open please tell us in the comments so we can keep this info as up to date as possible. Now go have fun drinking at the best bars in Providence.

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