Drinking At The Best Bars In Worcester, UK

 Drinking best bars Worcester UK cheap local drink specials

In this post we will be breaking down drinking at the best bars in Worcester, UK. Whether you are looking for a tall glass of beer, a shot of vodka, to buy cheaper liquor during drink specials, or just to sing some karaoke hopefully we can assist.

Our first section will cover the best wine and cocktail bars in Worcester. Up next we will get into breweries and sports bars where you can watch the big game or maybe play some pool and throw some darts.

Then we will mention some of the best drink specials near you so you can hit up the right bars at the right times to do your drinking cheaper. After that we will discuss bars with trivia, quiz, and/or game nights in your area.

Lastly we will talk about bars for dancing, karaoke, and to listen to live music. Towards the end there will even be a local bar map that pins all of the spots from our various lists on it.

And if you want to compare the scene here to others around the UK you can do so at this link.

Cocktail & Wine Bars

Some of the top cocktail and wine bars in Worcester are:

Tonic Bar is known to make some of the best cocktails and mocktails in your area. White Russians, Aperol spritz cocktails, soft drinks, and snacks are available at Heroes Bar.

Bocado Tapas is open Wednesday through Sunday serving tasty food and wine. Bottles is a local bar serving high quality food, beers, and cocktails.

Worcester Breweries & Sports Bars

Sports bar trivia near you Worcester UK live music karaoke

Sample new suds and watch the big game with your friends at the best local breweries and sports bars:

Wintrip Brew Co makes quality food and beverages every day. Bar Twenty Three has one of the best and most diverse selections of premium alcoholic beverages near you.

You can watch premier league football at Mode Sports Bar as well as play darts and pool along with great drink specials. The Royal Exchange is a local hangout spot offering live sports every day as well as cold drinks and lagers with a dog friendly beer garden.

Local Drink Specials

If you know of any bars with great liquor specials to drink cheaper in Worcester please tell us in the comments, thanks.

Trivia, Quiz & Game Nights

Here is a good list of bars with trivia, quiz, and game nights in your area:

Wormtown Brewery hosts trivia on Wednesday nights from 7pm to 10pm. Pub quizzes are available on Thursdays at The King Charles House.

A Proper Quiz hosts bar quizzes near you on Thursdays at 7:30pm. Retroids Arcade Bar features games including Mario Kart Arcade GP, Killer Instinct 2, Area 51 Site 4, Space Invaders, and After Burner.

Dance, Karaoke & Live Music

Anyone that wants to dance, listen to live music, and sing karaoke can head to:

Whiskey Lounge offers dance parties every Friday and Saturday night. You might want to try the food and liquor as well as the karaoke in your area offered on Saturdays at Alma Tavern.

Many people enjoy the live music and beverages on Saturdays from 9pm to 10pm at Whiskey on Water.

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Have Fun Drinking At The Best Bars In Worcester

After reading all of that you should have a much better understanding of what is available near you. There are plenty of local wine and cocktail bars, breweries to watch sports at, places with good drink specials to save money, trivia, quiz, and game nights, as well as bars to listen to live music, dance, and sing karaoke in your area.

If you think we got anything incorrect or notice us listing any venues that are no longer open please tell us in the comments so we can keep this info as up to date as possible. Now go have fun drinking at the best bars in Worcester, UK.

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